Plenty of tomatoes – little water

Jan 21, 2014

By now it’s a routine: Harvesting, sorting, transporting the tomatoes to Kisumu and selling them there. Up to today we only sell some few tomatoes in Boya/Ahero – simply because the prices in town are much better. The TULEE-customers appreciate the high quality. Since Joshua drives back and forth almost every day anyway, this doesn’t produce extra costs.

Unfortunately we have been facing a problem for the last two weeks; and can’t really do anything about it: The water provision from the municipal line hardly functions, if at all. And we need 2,400 litres each day! All the extra water tanks have been empty long since. We bought water here and there and transported it to the greenhouses, but this has also not been possible lately. Pumping from the river and piping it to the site isn’t an option either, since we need clean water for the tomatoes. The risk of infecting the tomatoes with pests or diseases is too high. But by tomorrow we urgently need fresh water for our plants.

This is already the second time that the water company fails us. We are thinking about drilling our own water hole. And thus get independent. At the same time we could start another social business: Selling water in the typical 20-litre-jerrycans to the local community.

We also have to buy water for our home at the moment.