A borehole for Boya

Apr 15, 2014

Here comes the decision – TULEE is going to drill a borehole! This will be a big project for us, bigger than anything we had imagined or planned for the first TULEE-year. It is important though, both for our work and the people in our village Boya.
In order to be able to pump the needed amount of water – according to the study on site up to 20,000 litres per day are possible – we will equip the borehole with an electric pump and a storage water tank, raised on a 6 metre high steel tower. Geospa, the same company that did the survey for us, will do all the works from the drilling to the plumbing and the electric works.

Apart from using the water for irrigating the greenhouses, we want to start another income-generating project: Selling water in the usual 20-litres jerry cans to the local community. It is a simple, but well-known and promising business model. And it is a chance for another young man or woman to get an education and an income through practical work: Maintenance of the pump, book-keeping, sales and marketing. Further ideas are already coming up, like producing and selling Biosand-Filters (purifying water without chemicals). And once all this is up and running, we will give it a go with the fish farms!

If you are interested in the finances and you want to support:
The total costs for the borehole are approx. 23,000 Euros. Drilling, casing etc. cost around 8,000 Euros; the electrical works including the pump, pieps, the tank etc. come to 15,000 Euros. We want to fundraise 2,800 Euros, the cost for the drilling itself, through individual donations (e.g. via betterplace https://www.betterplace.org/de/projects/10888) and have submitted a grant proposal to a company. We are grateful for your support!