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„Tulee“ is kiswahili and means „we want to bring someone up, grow something together“. In Kiswahili the same word is used for both plants and people – here, in Kisumu, in a rural area of Kenya, we want to do both. People in rural Kenya are still living in poverty, the majority without electricity or running water. They struggle on small farms with poor soil. Still, they mostly live hand-to-mouth, since farming only gives them small profits. More than three-quarter of the population is younger than 30 years, only one in five is employed. The others just hang out and often drift into antisocial behaviour. The percentage of HIV/AIDS is alarmingly high, basically each and every family is affected. Medical, financial and social problems follow – and the rural families get even weaker.

This is where TULEE comes in: We want to support children and youth, give them a perspective for a future in which they can learn something and financially stand up on their own feet. In a first step we employ jobless young people in an agricultural project. Training, employment and a stable, value oriented environment – that’s what the youth find at TULEE.

TULEE works in Western Kenya, near Lake Victoria. Joshua, one of the founders, was born here, in a village called Boya, close to Ahero, 25 km east of Kisumu.

„We want to help in our home area,
where we know the needs.“

Joshua and Katja had always known that they wanted to help the people around them – though not with handouts, but with an initiative that only promotes those who play a part. People are to actively take their life into their own hands. Together with their friend Amos they founded TULEE Kenya in 2012, which is registered in Kenya as an NGO.


Work instead of handouts.

The first TULEE-project is an agricultural social business: Two greenhouses with a total of 240 square metres have been set up. Here, young people learn how to plant and grow tomatoes, and how to market and sell them locally. All the profits go back into the project.

As for now, six young men are taking care of the gardening, marketing, logistics, sales and bookkeeping. Besides, they grow sugar cane on a 2.5 acre farm. They are being trained and guided professionally in all their tasks and earn a modest salary for the work they are doing. All of the young people are half- or full-orphans. It is their first training, their first official employment – and thus for the first time a real perspective for a secure future.

Further planned projects include fish-farming (also as a social business), a nursery school and family sponsorships.


nursery school

family sponsorships


Your support.

TULEE works in an area of a size that is easy to manage. Meaning: We know the beneficiaries and their needs, we are personally on the ground to consult, manage and evaluate the performance of our projects at any time.

That is why we promise this: 100% of all donations will reach where they are needed the most. Since we work locally, even small amounts can have a big impact. And if you want to see what your donation has brought about: You are very welcome to come and visit us in Kisumu.

All donations for TULEE are being processed through the German domino foundation. Domino has been approved and certified for proper use of donations by the “German Evangelical Alliance”. In Germany, domino is classified as charitable and thus your donations are tax-deductible. TULEE does not pay any administration fees to domino. In order to ensure a high standard of transparency, TULEE audits all books through an external Kenyan auditor. The results are being provided to the domino foundation.

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On betterplace.org, an online donation platform, you will always find some of our latest needs for the work we are currently doing. You can also donate online there.